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The Island Windsurfing Club is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Our climate is quite mild and we generally get good winds allowing for year-round sailing to all levels of windsurfers.
We publish 4 to 5 newsletters a year with articles and photos by and of our members.
There are a number of local races for both long and short boarders.

Note: As of 2000, the club hasn't officially existed, but I've left this page active as a resource to local sailors and guests to the area.
A number of us are still active in sailing these sites - see recent trips. I hope to update that page when possible.

The WIRED ’96 event at Nitinat Lake, was an even bigger success than last year.

Wind Finder - a listing of local sailing sites giving conditions & skill level.
Island Sailing Locations - descriptions of lower island sailing spots.
Links to other Windsurfing sites.
Calendar of events.
More information about Victoria.
More information about British Columbia.
More items and options to come later.

Wind Direction: North, Northeast, High Pressure inland Arctic High
Forecast: Moderate to strong outflow wind on Georgia Strait, East on Juan De Fuca
Weather Observations: Clear, cool thermal winds. Usually between 8 am to 1 pm (Winter, Spring, Fall)
Sailing Locations: Cattle Point, Cordova Bay, Moses Point (Deep Cove)

Wind Direction: East to Southeast
Forecast: Strong to gale southeast. Low pressure coming in from the Pacific, unpredictable
Weather Observations: Cloudy, usually raining. Clearing to the Southeast
Sailing Locations: Willows Beach, Esquimalt Lagoon, Cadboro Bay, Island View Beach

Wind Direction: Southwest
Forecast: Moderate to strong winds
Weather Observations: Thermal wind, hang gliders out at Cook Street
Sailing Locations: Cook Street, Cordova Bay

Wind Direction: West
Forecast: Strong to gale force Westerlies
Weather Observations: Thermal-high pressure, normally sunny
Sailing Locations: Cook Street, Jordon River, Pat Bay, Elk Lake

Wind Direction: Northwest
Forecast: Strong to gale force
Weather Observations: Clearing high pressure, usually squalls
Sailing Locations: Pat Bay, Esquimalt Lagoon, Cook Street, Piper's Lagoon (Nanaimo)

Island Sailing Locations

little or no experience windsurfing
knows how to uphaul and turn the board around
3 Intermediate medium working on water starts and gybes
4 Advanced short water starting is natural; so are most gybes
5 Expert short working on the perfect duck gybe and jump

Bazan Bay / Lochside Drive

Launching Area: South of the Sidney-Anacortes Ferry dock, Sidney
Conditions: Choppy, some swell. Great place to learn how to water start
Hazards: Some tidal currents, some kelp
Wind Direction: Northeast, Southeast
Skill Level: 1 -> 3

Cattle Point

Launching Area: North boat ramp
Conditions: Flat with some chop
Hazards: Strong tidal currents, rocky shore line
Wind Direction: Northeast Southeast
Skill Level: 4 -> 5

Cook Street

Launching Area: End of Cook Street, down staircase
Conditions: Large swell, steep faces
Hazards: Beach break, strong tidal current, recommended for experienced sailors only
Wind Direction: West, Northwest
Skill Level: 5

Esquimalt Lagoon

Launching Area: Almost anywhere along the lagoon
Conditions: Very flat, great for speed runs. Normally very gusty.
Hazards: Poor smelling water
Wind Direction: West, Southeast
Skill Level: 1 -> 3

Gordons Beach

Launching Area: Past Sooke, 1 km after the string of beach homes on the left, before Tugwell Crk
Conditions: Large swells
Hazards: Strong tidal currents
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 4 -> 5

Island View Beach

Launching Area: Parking lot
Conditions: Very large swell, breaking waves. Great for big jumps.
Hazards: Very large beach break, hard to get out. Tidal current
Wind Direction: Southeast
Skill Level: 5

Jordon River

Launching Area: Either side of river mouth
Conditions: Great pealing surf. Long rides, high jumps
Hazards: Rock bottom, tidal current, river current, strong breaking waves
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 5

Pat Bay

Launching Area: Stairs across from the Pottery Shop
Conditions: Choppy with some swell
Hazards: Gusty winds
Wind Direction: West, North, Northwest
Skill Level: 3 -> 5

Willows Beach

Launching Area: Near playground (use windward end)
Conditions: Some swell, usually choppy
Hazards: Large shore break, beware of storm drains
Wind Direction: Southeast, Northeast
Skill Level: 1 -> 5

Moses Pt. (Deep Cove)

Launching Area: -
Conditions: Chop, some swell
Hazards: Unpredictable cold winds. Use floaty board
Wind Direction: North
Skill Level: 5

Elk Lake

Launching Area: In front of Ocean Wind Board Sailing
Conditions: Flat, some chop
Hazards: Gusty, swirling wind. Power boats
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 1 -> 2

Cowichan Lake

Launching Area: West of Duncan
Conditions: Chop, small swell
Hazards: Power boats
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 1 -> 3

Nitinat Lake

Launching Area: West of Duncan, past Lake Cowichan at the Forestry Recreation Site just past Nitinat Village
Conditions: Chop, small swell, consistent wind. Bring your own drinking water
Hazards: Jelly fish (Salmon in the fall)
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 3 -> 5

China Creek

Launching Area: West of Port Alberni, at the China Creek Marina
Conditions: Chop, small swell
Hazards: Fishing boats & occasional freighters
Wind Direction: West
Skill Level: 3 -> 4

Columbia Beach

Launching Area: North of Parksville, just past French Creek
Conditions: Large swell, breaking waves
Hazards: High winds, strong currents
Wind Direction: Southeast
Skill Level: 4 -> 5

Comox Spit

Launching Area: -
Conditions: Large swell, breaking waves
Hazards: High winds, strong currents
Wind Direction: Southeast
Skill Level: 4 -> 5

Pipers Lagoon (Nanaimo)

Launching Area: -
Conditions: Chop, swell
Hazards: Gusty winds, power boats
Wind Direction: Southeast, Northeast
Skill Level: 4 -> 5 
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