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Original Message
Sent: May 30, 2001 1:51 AM

Very Interesting website!!!
I wonder if I am your relative?
My grandfather, Nikolay Demidovich, was born on the 27th of  November in
1897 in (I believe) what is now Belarus and came to the US in about 1914. He
eventually settled in Jamesport, New York (about 100 miles east of New York
City) and owned and operated a barbershop until he was 95.  He passed away
in November 1994.  He married my grandmother, Helen Russakomsky (not sure of
the spelling - we've lost the original paperwork) in 1932 - she passed away
in 1991. They had two children Olga (my aunt) and Nickolas (my father).  I
am the oldest of my parents' four children.  

The remainder of  my grandfather's immediate family stayed in Europe. I
understand they live in the Minsk and Brest-Litovsk areas. He corresponded
with them until he was in his 80's but I do not have any of their names or

I could attempt a poor translation (I had 3 semesters of Russian in college)
of his oblast and home town that he wrote down for me when he was in his
90's, but I'd prefer to fax or mail it to you if that is at all possible.

If we are not related perhaps you could point me in the right direction to
research my family tree on my grandfather's side.

Thank You Very Much!

Nickolas Michael Demidovich III
Major, US Air Force

Original Message
From: Cathy Tissot [ ]
Sent: May 28, 2001 1:51 AM

Dear friends,

I saw with interest that Pavel P. Demidoff (1879 - 1909) had children.
Please advise if any of these descendants have documentary proof.  I will
then update the official records.  My great grandmother, Aurorea P. Demidoff
was the sister of Pavel P. so we are all cousins!  Many thanks.

Alexandre Tissot Demidoff

Original Message
From: Gary E Young [ ]
Sent: May 11, 2001 4:24 PM

Do you know which Nicholas Demidoff was made Hereditary Commander of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1799, presumably in St. Petersburg.  He is called Mr. Nicholay Demidoff so I assume he did not have a title, if my reference is correct.  This might help distinguish him from some of his cousins who were counts, etc.  However, he must have been quite prominent because these hereditary Commanders included the Prince Youssoupoff, Count Stroganoff, etc. He seems to have had a descendant named Paul Demidoff living in Paris in the 1920's so perhaps this helps?

Any help will be appreciated.


Gary Edward Young

Original Message
From: Giovanni Trambusti [ ]
Sent: April 26, 2001 10:21 AM

I am an art historian researching a portrait of Alexandrine Eftikhevna
Demidoff nee Safonova, attributed to Pompeo Batoni, which represented
her as Cleopatra.
Can someone tell me about her please?

Jaynie Anderson

Original Message
From: Jack Ilmonen [ ]
Sent: March 6, 2001 9:14 AM

Hello !

How are you doing ?
Are you a relative to the Great Governor Demidov, who fled to Finland in 1917 during the Russian revolution ?
I own an office desk which has belonged to Mr Demidov.
My grandfather bought it 65 years ago from Mr Demidovs widow.
I am trying to establish proof of the fact that it was Demidovs and that
it was given to Mr Demidov by Tzar Nikolai the 2nd...this is what
the Demidovs widow told my grandfather at the time of purchase.
Do you have any photographies of Governor Demidov...Demidovs family
history is very interesting ! In time maybe the Demidov family could try to
re-establish their right to the land and real estate properties they lost
during the revolution...after belongs to them !

Sincerely Yours,

Jack Ilmonen, MSc (Econ)

Original Message
From: Zielinski [ ]
Sent: February 14, 2001 1:06 PM

For a biography of the archimandrite Vladimir Gippolit Terleckij (1808-1889)
I would like to identify the prince (knjaz') Demidov with whom he was
travelling 1874-79 through Europe.
Yours sincerely,
Jan Zielinski,
Bern, Switzerland

From:Richard Jay Hutto [ ]
Sent: January 19, 2001 3:58 PM

I am searching for the Paul Demidoff who was the father of Olga who married
Prince Sergei Troubetskoy.  Their son, Prince Sergei, died two weeks ago at
the age of 86 and I am attempting to help the only son, Prince Sergei
Troubetskoy, unravel his family history.  Thank you for any assistance you
may be able to give.
Richard Jay Hutto

Original Message:
From: [ ]
Data: Thursday, December 07, 2000 5:51 AM

Dear friends, I'm a Russian historian living in Florence nearby the Demidoff square. Of course, I was always an interest to Demidoff and had written several articles about them - so I was very inthusiasted to find your site. (By the way in my Website Demifoff are also nominated because still now we have a Demidoff church which is the lower crypt of our russian church here). I'm a personal friend of Elena Krasnova, the leading specialist on Demidoff in Russia who had compiled an exellent Demidoff genealogy. Now after the request of Demidoff institute in Ekaterinburg I'm compiling bibliography on Italian
Demidoffs (di San Donato).
I think for italian publications I had found most of them but as for the other lanuages....
Can You help me somehow? Maybe You can put my list of bibliography in your website so other people can add something?

Sincerely Yours, Michail Talalay Firenze, Italy

Original Message:
From: Nancy L [ NLDemidow@US.MED.NAVY.MIL ]
Data: Friday, July 14, 2000 7:42 AM

I am almost in tears as i read all these letters. for years i have been
wondering if my family were the only demidow's around!. what i know about my
history is that my great-grandfather immigrated from russia in 1914. he was
fighting for  the whites so he had to leave russia. i have pictures of him
in his uniform, his features, has mine have an asian touch to him. our
family joke is that he was a blue-eyed mongolian:). he arrived in newyork
and his brother went to argentina, were him and his family now live in
buenos aires. 
Almost all the demidow's from my great-grandfather's side live in long
island now. please, if anyone feels that you can provide me/add information
about our great heritage do not hesitate in contacting me!

Original Message
From: Alex Demidov [ ]
Data: Monday, July 26, 1999 7:43 AM

Hi, Demidow Family
Sorry about long waiting, but in Russian we tell: "It's better late, than never"
As you can see my family name also Demidov, and I don't know about my
grand-father almost nothing, all I know that he was sent to one of many
battles with "White Army", but that's all. Right for now I'm trying to find
where was sent, but problem is that I'm living in Israel and all information
placed in Russia, Omha city (if information still exist of course). If I
find anything that can interest you, of course I sent mail. And ... it's a
great idea to find root of your (my) family, keep search and inform me too.

P.S. In Israel leaving two more Demidov families, not a big number for hole
country, isn't it!?
One of them famous theater artist, (Name of Theater "Gesher"), his name
Alexander (Changed to Israel), also emigrant from Russia.

Comments, questions send to me.

Alexey Demidov

Original Message
From: carol demidoff [ ]
Date: February 4, 1999 8:47 PM

Hi my name is Carol Demidoff, i am married to George Demidoff, son of Peter Henry (Ivan in Russian) Demidoff, peter was born in Harbin China,in 1902 the son of Ivan Demidoff of Uman, Russia which is near the city of Kiev.  his family  came to canada in 1905. i would like to find his relatives. the story Peter told me was that his father was one of five or six boys. his father was supposedly exiled from russia as he was involved with lenin. his father was attending the university of kiev where he met lenin and was in involved in a minor rebellion. according to some research i've done Lenin was exiled in1895. Ivan Demidoff's family owned 3000 acres of orchards etc. in uman. in China he ran a book bindery factory until the boxer rebellion.  Peter's youngest brother says his father only had a half brother so i'd like to find out the truth.  Ivan Demidoff was supposedly a ward of the czar's along with his brothers as his father had been killed in 1878 in bulgaria where the russians helped expel the Turks. i have an original birth certificate of my father in law peter but it is in russian. the other half brother supposedly lived in new york.  I know my father in law told me he never went to school (in saskatchewan) till he was 11. his mother educated him at home with books they were sent from a relative in New York who supposedly wrote for a newspaper called the Russian Voice. somewhere out there must be direct relatives. Leah Demidoff is my niece and David
Demidoff is my brother in law. I'm sure that Lisa Demidoff is related to
my father in law's last surviving brother Syd Demidoff of Campbell
River. i would be interested in hearing from anyone else.

Original Message-----
From: Ivan Demidov [ ]
Date: October 5, 1998 5:53 PM

Hi, i am Ivan Demidov from Moscow , Russia
You know, i have read the info on your website, and it's really interesting.
I need to ask my father for some info he ma know. He was born in 1948 in city, named Serpuhov (it's about
100 km's from Moscow, and about 120Km  from TULA). His parents was dead some years ago, but i think he can say something about it at all ;) So, contact me.
Ps. Your faces like russian faces.

Original Message-----
From: Dave Demidoff [ ]
Date: September 25, 1998 7:49 AM
Hi there:  Nice to here from you, I don't have much for you but will check
with the rest of my family to see what we can come up with. Good luck with
your search.      Dave

Original Message-----
From: Leah Demidoff [ ]
Date: September 9, 1998 12:20 PM
If you don't mind me asking how did you find my e-mail address ... I have been looking for information about my back ground and my famiily history....... Where do you live.....
Do you know why the spelling of our last name was changed?
Leah Demidoff

Original Message-----
From: [ ]
Date: September 9, 1998 8:15 AM
From: Marcelo S Calvo/Brazil/IBM @ IBMBR
Hi ! My name is Marcelo Calvo and my father belongs to Demidoff's family.
My father (Ricardo Calvo Demidoff - Brazilian) and my grandmother (Maria Demidoff - Russian)
Would like very much to know something more about Demidoff's History and find another members
of this great family dispersed around the World.
    I think that we can help each other !
   Thanks a lot !!!!!!
    Best regards,

Original Message-----
From: Vladislav Demidov [ ]
Date: September 8, 1998 11:45 PM

Hi. My name is realy Vladislav Demidov (Demidow or Demidoff), but I havn't any documents that I from this family. I'm interesting in the history of this family too. I visit your site. I like it. I 'm from Odessa, Ukraine. One branch of Demidov's family was linked with Odessa. There is big building in Odessa that was build by one of the Demidov's to his lover. Near Odessa there are church build on the Demidov's cash and village Demidovka.
- Vladislav Demidov.

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