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oh well u did a lot of research but i couldnt find my fathers name there but anyway nice site
victor demidov <>
gladstone,queensland, australia - 01/10/03 23:03:57 PST
Hi, Is this web page still active? If someone wants to share informations about Demidows please contact me at ! We are Demidows from Poland. My mother is Bazyli`s Demidow daugter. Bazyli (my grandfather) was son of Pavel Pavelovich (1879-1909) who was son of Pavel Pavelovich (1839-1885) (according to family tree published on this web site). Yours, dr Tomasz Michaluk
Tomasz Michaluk <>
Jawor, Wroc³aw, Poland - 12/21/02 15:51:03 PST
I would like to know the where abouts of the Noble family in England, also I would like to know the where abouts of the Noble Castle in England. I was told that part of the Noble family was from Aspacia, and moved to Nanaimo B.C. Canada, and am looking for relitives in England. Is there any documentation on this. My gramma and grampas name were, Elizabeth and George Noble,George moved to Canada in approx. 1920- 1922, and worked the mines to bring the rest of the family over. Elizabeth finally came over in approx,1922 with the rest of the family which consisted of 6 kids, there was ten children all togeather,there names were, 1-George,2-Lenord (Len),3-Louie (lou),4-Alfred (Alf),5-Robert (Bob),6-John,7-David(Dave),8-Thomas (Tom),9-Margret(Maggie), 10-Florence (Florie). Any help would be appreciated in this matter, and any questions that may help me would also be appreciated, Email me at,, thank you. Dave Noble
David Louis Noble, Louis David noble < >
Nanaimo B.C., Canada - 07/02/02 16:18:08 PDT
BOGOTA, COLOMBIA - 05/23/02 13:38:56 PDT

It was realey very interesting to visite your page. Thanks you very much!My English is not very good thats why I have a question: where are you living now (city and country)?
Marisha Solovieva < >
Ekaterinburg, Russia - 05/14/02 04:11:28 PDT
Hello sirs, who knows and it is sure in the accessory(belonging) to descendants of noblemen - ????????. Some words about roots of a family tree because sincerely. I want to learn(find out) about the relatives. On the modest data, it concerns living in France, England. Less - America, Canada. Letters I write at once in English and French. Mother of my grandfather (Demidov Maxim Andreevich), has divorced at the end of 19 centuries from nobleman Andrey Demidov from city of Tula, but has left a surname and with children has left to live for a countryside - Tambovskaia gubernia, village Konoplianka. Not all younger generation was according to with divorce and continued to meet till 1917. Before October revolution. The ambassador many relatives from Tula have left abroad Russia and communications(connections) have broken up. Respond, ???????? if remember from your parents the specified facts! Yours faithfully, from Moscow Alexander Demidov. Bonjour messieurs, qui connaît(sait) et est sur de l'appartenance vers des nobles - Demidov. Quelques mots sur les racines de la généalogie, parce que je veux apprendre sincerement les parents. Selon les données modestes, cela concerne vivant a la France, l'Angleterre. Moins - l'Amérique, le Canada. Les lettres j'écris a la fois sur anglais et français. La mere de mon grand-pere (Demidov Maxim Andreevich), a la fin de 19 siecles avec le noble Andrei Demidov de la ville de Tula, mais a laissé le nom et avec les enfants est partie vivre au terrain de village - Tambovskaia gubernia, le village Konoplianka. Non toute la génération cadette était d'accord avec le divorce et il continuaient a y avait avant 1917. Avant la révolution D'octobre. Apres plusieurs les parents de Tula sont partis a l'étranger de la Russie et les liaisons se sont désagrégées. Répondez, Demidoves, si se rappelez de vos parents les faits indiqués! Respectueusement, de Moscou Alexander Demidov.
Alexandre Demidov < >
Moscow, Russia - 04/29/02 01:35:05 PDT
quisiera encontrar mis origenes y si hay familia en otros paises
Oscar Virviescas < >
Bogota, Colombia - 04/06/02 20:22:39 PST
I search for Demidov's genealogy. Early ansestors. I find a lot of new information about them at Russian archives. Please contact me.
Sergei V. Trofimov < >
Ekaterinburg, Russia - 03/28/02 07:08:08 PST
I am interested in anyone being able to provide me with information on the Dermidoff family. Carlo Dermidoff came to the USA from Genoa, Italy in the early 1900's. He claimed to be a descendant of the Demidoff family. The 'r' was added to the name due to an illigitimate son.
Deborah Dermidoff < >
Detroit, USA - 02/27/02 17:53:39 PST
Helen< >
england, British isles - 02/07/02 07:21:29 PST
I have searched for hours on russian surfdom and familyhistory i can now sleep for the first time in days i am the happiest student in the world except for those who didnt have this project thank you so so much.
grayson < >
us - 12/01/01 14:50:45 PST
Hi I m Abraham, and i want a now that if you have information about the origin of my lastname Dieguez and Colchin. And if you can, ploease give information of the lastnames Ayala, Chavez, Byers, and jimenez. Thank you, God bless you.
Jose Abraham Dieguez Colchin < >
Guatemala, Guatemala - 08/23/01 09:07:22 PDT
great info god bless you
phil < >
orlando, usa - 08/09/01 17:35:29 PDT
Very intresting site for me.I'm looking for my roots.Who is it Demidov-Lopuchin in Tampere FINLAND.The best regards
Daniel LOPUCHIN < >
Sopot, Poland - 08/01/01 14:15:39 PDT
My family name. A few years ago, my aunt sent away for a certificate from a geneology research company. The certificate stated that the R was added in when my ancestors came her e in the early 1900's. I know that somewhere along the line there was either an adoption or someone had an affair in Italy. My grandfather's aunt (Ambrosia) would tell stories about how she and her husband (Carlo Dermidoff) visited Italy and were treated almost like royalty. They were both born there. Carlo, who carried the name also had a brother named Angelo, who would be my great grandfather. They both settled in Detroit, Michigan and had families. Carlo and Ambrosia had a son named Angelo. He worked at Chrysler for years and was very high up and respected in the company. Carlo's brother Angelo had three children named Louise, Charles and Rose. Charles being my Grandfather lived in detroit and also worked for Chrysler. I am not sure what went on, but all of the older people tell me that I have " blue blood" running in my veins. Someone mentioned that there happened to be an adoption . I believe that Angelo and Carlo were adopted, but the story still reamians a mystery. I looked in an italian phone directory and to my surprise there were ten listings for "Dermidoff." Please write back and give me any information you can. It would be very helpful......Thanks!!!!
Patrick T. Dermidoff < >
Metropolitan Detroit (Michigan), United States - 06/12/01 17:11:25 PDT

il est descendant directe de la gran famille Demidoff, expatrié son arriere gran pere de la Russie, en 1917. Son fran pere etiat jusquau sa mort le presidente de la Croix Rouge Ruse a Paris. Son pere a ete PDG de la branche chimie de l'Oreal.
Il habite a Buenos Aires depuis 1997. Il a bati plusiers batiments Il a epousé Maria Garzon Maceda Caeiro, descendant de une famille traditionelle de Córdoba, la deuxime ville du pays.
fff < >
la plata, buenos aires - 06/08/01 13:43:16 PDT
Excellent website!! Hopefully we are related! I sent you the information on my grandfather, Nikolay Demidovich, (born in November 1897, arrived in the US in 1914) separately.
Nickolas Michael Demidovich III < >
Alexandria, VA, US - 05/30/01 02:02:21 PDT

Piekna strona o niezwykle dopracowanej szacie graficznej. Pozdrawiam
Darek < >
Suwalki, Polska - 02/20/01 23:35:49 PST
Greetings from Canada, I enjoyed visiting your site...
R. Isherwood < >
Nokomis, Sk, Canada - 01/21/01 17:54:54 PST

It is great to see this web page. My father's name was Peter and he and my uncles and grandparents came to Canada via Vancouver in the early 1900s. The family has grown and mostly live in British Columbia with one uncle living in California.
Dave Demidoff < >
Pemberton British Columbia, Canada - 12/30/00 08:55:02 PST

Dear colleagues, I'm a Russian historian living in Florence nearby the Demidoff square. Of course, I was always interested in Demidoff and had written several articles about them - so I was very enthusiastic to find your site. (By the way in my Website Demidoff are nominated because still now we have a Demidoff church which is the lower crypt of our russian church here) I'm a personal friend of Elena Krasnova, the leading specialist on Demidoff in Russia who had compiled an excellent genealogy. Now after the request on Demidoff institutein Ekarerinburg I'm compiling bibliography on Italian Demidoffs (San Donato). I think for italian publications I had found most of them but as for the other languages.... Can You help me somehow? Maybe You can put mail list in Internet so other people can add something? Sincerely Yours, Mikhail
Michail Talalay < >
Firenze, Italy - 12/07/00 04:07:37 PST
I am researching my grandparents, Ludmilla Lobanoff, married to Peter Eserin. I would be grateful for any information as the science museum have so far been unable to help me. Thank you.
Selena Lobanoff < >
London, England - 11/10/00 12:05:44 PST
I am researching my Grandmother, Ludmilla Lobanoff married to Peter Eserin.
Selena Lobonoff < >
London, England - 11/10/00 11:57:55 PST
Me gustaria saber en donde puedo buscar informacion sobre el origen de mi apellido, osi hay alguien de la familia en otro pais o lugar, ennecesario reunirnos nuevamente. Si alguien sabe, por favor avisenme. Gracias
Marlen Mazuelos < >
Cochabamba, Bolivia - 10/26/00 08:15:23 PDT
me gustaria saber en donde puedo buscar informacion sobre el origen de mi apellido. Si alguien sabe, por favor avisenme. Gracias
Patricio Misitrano < >
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 10/21/00 14:41:14 PDT
Hola:Tengo una inquietud.Me gustaria saber de donde derriban misapellidos.Habrá algun site donde yo pueda averiguarlo?Gracias.
Estefani < >
Florida, Puerto Rico - 10/11/00 16:58:09 PDT
Hola:Tengo una inquietud.Me gustaria saber de donde derriban misapellidos.Habra algun site donde yo pueda averiguarlo?Mis apellidos sonVélez Olmo
Estefani < >
Florida, Puerto Rico - 10/11/00 16:56:52 PDT
I live in Brazil my grand-mother (Maria Demidoff) come to here in 1914, with her father (Petrea Pavel Demidoff) and her mother, Petrea Demidoff, had a lot of son and the family here is very big, my name is Alexandre de O.Demidoff, my icq is 91782704, and my e-mail is, please any information about the Demidoff's family contact me. I have too , a lot of information about the past of our family.
Alexandre de O. Demidoff < >
Brazil - 10/10/00 21:55:06 PDT
I was very glad finally to find a page dedicated to the Demidoff family! My grandfathers maternal grandfather was Nikolai Petrovich Demidoff (1836/1837-1923), who moved to Finland in 1855, where he married Helena Amalia Warila in 1856. They had 11 children. I am now trying both to find Nikolai Demidoff's ancestors in the old Russian Empire, and also all descendants of Nikolai and Amalia. If anyone has any hints, please contact me! I'm quite stumped at the moment, a brick wall is nothing to this... Kind regards to all relatives! Tryggve
Tryggve Gestrin < >
Helsingfors, Finland - 09/14/00 11:21:43 PDT
Conocer antepasados
Mariano Tanzi < >
Rosario, Argentina - 08/26/00 19:48:10 PDT
Hello. I only can suspect that my family derives from the noble Demidov's who a part of the web-site is dedicated to. The hypothesis of my family's origin is based on the lineage of Grigory Antoufiev--Demid Antoufiev--Nikita Demidov--Akinthy Demidov--Prokophy Demidov--Lev Demidov--Vasily Demidov. The last person resided in the area very close to where my own direct ancestors lived. Namely Vasily Demidov and his sons had estates in the town of Bykovka, Vasilsurski District, Lower Novgorod Province, Russian Empire. I believe one of his sons who continued to live in the area could be in fact a father of my 4 times great grandfather Gerasim Demidov who was a rich farmer. Very likely that could be Pavel Vasilevich Demidov (B.abt 1815) who about 1840 married Polikseniya Alexandrovna Nertovskaya. In the lower mentioned book it says that he did not have children. But for the obvious lack of his vital info that could be only the author's suggestion. When I was to Russia I ordered a microfilm copy of the book "Genealogy of the Demidov's" written in 1886 by a Russian genealogist (sorry, I lost the name) from the Central Library. It covers the noble family's lineage all the way from the beginning of 17th century to the 70's of the 19th century. It also provides plenty of details on the family members' occupations, their relations to other famous nobles by marriage and a nice genealogical tree. I have copied an essential part of the book and now possess some valuable information from it. Even though I cannot be certain about my relation to this noble family I would be glad to assist anybody with look ups. If I am right with my ideas- it will be great to know my co-descendants by blood. Sincerely. Dmitriy Demidov.
Dmitriy Demidov < >
USA - 08/12/00 18:45:52 PDT
My grandmother is Anita Forblom, earlier Demidoff. Im going to write soon about her.
Heidi Kiikka < >
Helsimki, Finland - 08/07/00 00:38:52 PDT
I'm looking for relatives and family connections from all over the world. My father name George Lopuchin and his father George Lopuchin.
Daniel Lopuchin < >
Sopot, Poland - 08/01/00 13:57:32 PDT
PANAMA, PANAMA - 08/01/00 11:06:14 PDT
Hello everyone---I'm looking for a friend.... Witek mail me ---I'm waiting for your e-mail. If anyone knows me by my nickname- please - e-mailme!!! Czesc wam wszystkim. Szukam Witka- odpisz czekam na Twoja wiadomosc.Prosze!!!!Dzieki za szanse. I trzymajcie sie wszyscy--- cieplo i zdrowo.PAMagdalena
Magdalena < >
New York, USA - 07/07/00 15:00:55 PDT

Lisa Doreen Demidoff of Victoria is looking for links to her name. Father from Campbell River. BC. Canada
Fred Havn < , >
Victoria. BC. , Canada - 06/26/00 15:11:48 PDT
Pozdrawiam wszystkich Polonusow w Australii i nie tylko. Takze wlasciciela tej strony na ktora trafilem po kilku godzinach mozolnego surfowania pooceanie internetu

Andrzej jakoby z Radomia < >
Radom, Poland - 05/31/00 10:12:34 PDT
I am glad to find this site. This is the first time I have come across a site dedicated to my family history. My maternal grandfather is Mikhail Prokiphievich Demidov. Keep up the good work.

Philip Neznanov - Demidov < >
Urbana,Illinois, USA - 04/26/00 10:29:20 PDT
Demidoff, Prince de San Donato (1879-1909). Please contact me with birth and death certificates so that the family genealogy can be completed. As for who I am, the mother of my great-grandmother was Aurore Pavlovitch Demidoff, Princesse de San Donato (1873-1904). Thank you. Kind regards, ALEXANDRE

Alexandre Tissot Demidoff < >
London, England - 03/26/00 00:58:11 PST
Congratulations - I meet the family. My father - Andre Demidoff, son of Petrea Pavel Demidov and son of Pavel Demidov. I know only this about. Now I'm very happy - sorry my English. I have six brothers: Paulo, André, Francisco Carlos, Decio and Pedro Paulo. My son is called Yuri Jardim Demidoff and my daughter is Francine Jardim Demidoff. I'll wait your answer brothers.

Osvaldo Soares Demidoff < >
Sao Gonçalo-Rio de Janeiro-Brasil, - 03/24/00 16:29:36 PST

Buenos aires, ARGENTINA - 02/26/00 13:14:23 PST
conocer antepasados

ciudad autonoma de buenos aires, argentina -02/26/00 13:10:24 PST
Just visiting your site. Much interesting.

Lisa Doreen Demidoff < >
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - 01/11/0020:47:47 PST
Mi abuela paterna era ANASTACIA DEMIDOVA, MUERTA JUNTO A LOS ZARES EN EKATERINBURG,quisiera tener noticias o saber que tipo de parentescopodemos tener, ya que en el arbol genealogico no figuran las mujeres. Desdeya muchas gracias y hasta pronto. Anastacia Sergueivna Lobanova.

Tigre Bs.As., ARGENTINA - 12/21/99 18:09:14 PST
I like your site it has a lot of good photos.

Kim Sturtz < >
Seattle Wa, USA - 09/28/99 09:12:05 PDT
Even though I do not your family name, I have also longed for finding out about my family name Podniesinski. I have created the PodWeb Site where all the Podniesinskis can gather and talk with each other. So if your name is Podniesinski please visit PodWeb site and simply click on the hyperlink. Best greetings from Sydney Australia. All the best to your Site.

GregPodniesinski < >
Sydney, Australia - 08/27/99 16:29:32 PDT
Pozdrowienia z Canada. Keep up the good work.

Jerry < >
Toronto, Canada - 06/13/99 14:18:36 PDT
Very nice page Ja tez mieszka;em w Victori rok czasuale downo temu

Joebarski < >
Chilliwack bc, - 03/29/99 00:30:34 PST
hi, leah is our niece and david demidoff is george's brother. my father in law Peter Henry (ivan) demidoff lived with us the last years of his life. he told me many interesting things. he was born in Harbinchina the son of ivan demidoff of uman. he was exiled to china until they came to canada in 1905. Uman is near kiev. i would like to find relatives of ivan demidoff. he supposedly had five brothers.

george & carol demidoff < >
Kamloops bc, canada - 02/04/99 19:58:29 PST
I'm doing research in to the Demidov-Demidoff name. I'm glad I found your web page. Lisa Demidoff (25) is a good friend of mine and her dad is from Campbell River. BC. Canada. I'm looking into the history behind the name.

Fred Havn ( Norwegian in Canada ) < >
Victoria. British Columbia, Canada - 11/18/9814:42:35 PST
Hi ! I am from Russia, Moscow, and in Russia there is much Demidov's last name. I know something about my family history in Russia. I know here was the manufacture, which was built by DEMIDOV.. and much more interesting...So i am interested in continue in finding our three. ps. Sorry for my English. And thanks, that you find me !

Ivan Demidov < >
Moscow, Russian Federation - 10/05/98 16:38:43PDT
Hope one day I'll create "My Family Tree" . This is a good work, I've enjoyed reading about Your Family. Also thanks for stopping at our Internet Home.

Zygmunt Banaszak< >
Chatham,Ontario, Canada - 09/18/98 19:17:33 PDT
For almost a year now I have been trying to find information about the demidov family... it has been really hard for me...thank you for putting this page together.. maybe it will help me to find out more about the family history

Leah Demidoff < >
Delta BC , Canada - 09/09/98 11:39:07 PDT
I am Pierre, the second child of Macha Demidoff, daughter of Igor Igorovitch, born the 26th of january of 1915, son of Igor My mother and uncle are the two sons of Igor igorovitch. Thank you for presenting the Demidoff´s in the web. Good bye. Pierre

Pierre Jacob Demidoff < >
Santafe de Bogota, Colombia - 08/31/98 06:25:39PDT
Welcome to our family.

ELA i MIREK Demidow < >
Victoria, Canada - 07/21/98 21:12:00 PDT

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