Beer and Wine making kits

Start up kit for beer or wine $70.00

Kit includes:

  • closed primary fermenter
  • 23 litre carboy, your choice of glass or P.E.T. plastic 
  • hydrometer
  • test jar
  • syphon rod
  • hose and clamp
  • airlock and bung
  • sanitising powder
  • big spoon
  • instructions




Beer kit in a can and corn sugar:

$16.25, easy for beginners, the "Kraft Dinner" approach to making beer

High-end beer kit or regular beer kit with
fresh hops and malt extract:

$23.00 - $35.00

Just as easy, but it will taste better.

Raw ingredients only:

(see "extract and extract/grain" recipe pages)

$25.00 - $35.00

Here you get more personal choice ranging from high quality thirst quenchers ($25.00) to high quality 7% alc/vol IPA's ($35.00). Full bodied Pale Ales, Brown Ales, and Cream Ales come to about $28.00. Choose from over 50 recipes. You will need a 19 litre stock pot. A little more work, but a lot more fun and much, much better results. 

(one batch of beer makes 23 litres or 66 standard bottles.)