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New Bookbinding

Making new books is great fun!
Times Colonist Binding

    One of my steady contracts is the Times Colonist. 

    I bind the daily newspaper into large volumes for their archives.

    It is quarterbound in Ontario Buckram with plain millboard covers and
     gold foil stamped titling on the spine.
Hand sewn with linen thread,
    it is a flat back binding which is plain but wears well and is economical.

    (Click on any of the images to see them full size in another window)

Something a little fancier is done for the Islands NewsGroup papers,
 both broad sheet and tabloid size.
pictures to come
It is full bound
in Ontario Buckram which makes for a handsome volume.

Journals are fun to make as well.
Here's a custom leather journal I did for a client.

Spring bound locking journallocking journallocking journal
It is a full leather binding with false bands to simulate antique binding and, at the client's request,
has a brass hasp and padlock.

The International Association of Progressive Montessorians commissioned me to make a journal for them.
This project included the printing of the pages with selected sayings by Maria Montessori, sewing them into
signatures and binding them using a spring back binding to open easily.

pics of Montessori journal to come

Done in "British Tan" calf skin leather, it was decorated with an blind stamped dove on the cover,
Montessori's symbol of peace. These were presented to Directresses who supervised practicums for the
Angela Martin Montessori Teacher's Training Centre.

I celebrated  a special day for a my niece with a wedding present of a uniquely-designed leather-bound
photo album in which to keep her mementos of the occasion.
Wedding Albumchicago screws coverspine adjusts for expansion   

You will notice the cleverly designed covers for the chicago screws that holds it together. The false banded
spine cover in matching leather can be adjusted as the album grows in size over the years. Again simple
blind stamping of the couple's names on the cover adds the personal touch of class.